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Lives and works in London and the East Midlands

Co-runs Bessalone Studio, art gallery and studio situated South East of the Peak District

Founder and Workshop Leader of Minor Artefacts, art workshops for young people


BA Hons Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design

Exhibitions/ Projects/ Residencies

2018 - Minor Artefacts art workshops in residency at Lee Rosy's, Nottingham

2018 - 'Strike Site', Backlighters, Exhibition and Audience performance, Backilit, Nottingham

2018 - Artist in Residence, Mhor Far, Scotland

2018 - 'Radio Play', Performer/Contributer, 'Noi's Farm' (Ed Sanders),

2018 - Ears Of Corn's Broadcast Broadstreet, Radio, Contributor, Nottingham

2017 - 'ForEverest', Solo Exhibition, Linney foyer, Mansfeild

2017 - 'How to Turn to Stone. Part 1 - Sound', Performance, Broadcast Broadstreet,

2017 - 'Re-Performing Gender', Performance and Exhibition, Backlit, Nottingham

2017 - Open Studio, Bessalone Studio, Derbyshire

2017 - 'Ancient Geomorphology; DIY HUT CIRCLE', Durational performance, Mhor Farr, Scotland

2017 - Artist in Residence, Mhor Far, Scotland

2017 - Sonic Biota, Contributor,

2017 - Yonic Youth: Woman's History Month, Zine, Assistant and Contributor, Nottingham


2017 -  Paintings for 'When I Was Alive', Poetry Chapbook, Hannah Regel, London

2017 - Please Consume, artist book, on-going, East Midlands

2017 - Burger Fuck, Yonic Youth: Woman's history month, Zine, Nottingham

2017 - ftft (first time for this), Zine, Bessalone Studio, Derbyshire

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